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Welcome to Faculty of Law

Dean Message

The aim of legal education is not only to produce lawyers but also Judges , Eminent Jurists, Law Officers & Law Professionals. Although theortically we say that ignorance of law is no excuse i.e.. everybody is supposed to know the law of the land but practically even a judge has to refer law books while deciding a case. Administration, Police, Justice, Legislation, Law Implementation, Law Interpretation ,Multi-national Companies banks other financial institutions everywhere knowledge of law has become very essential and hence the scope of law studies has become extensive .

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About Us

To start a Wing of Legal Education in Tantia University is a vision-come- true of our Chairperson Smt. Sunita Tantia . In the past few years , Law has assumed a very important role in the modern society and hardly there is any part of our life , where law has not crept –in . Law encompasses all facts of human life and is omnipotent and omnipresent. The study of law is socially relevant, research-oriented and practical. To serve the purpose of law is to serve the whole man-kind in the present time .

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